Useful Websites


In the course of project implementation a number of useful websites have been developed. The following list contains links to them, including a short description of the main idea behind these project outputs.

  • - a site supported by the BIOTECHEDU project, giving information about the available MSc courses in the cross-border region covering the field of medical biotechnology as well as about opportunites for scholarships awarded by the participating institutions.
  • - developed within CHEE project, the site offers useful information about energy efficiency for public and private users equally.
  • - the web location where the studies completed within the Work and Health Project can be downloaded. The studies conducted during the project investigated the state of workers\' health, and the connection of the health of the workers and their employability.
  • - the site developed as part of the Flood Forecast project contains all the latest hidro-meteorological data for the whole programme region, information about the water level of the Drava river along the border, providing invaluble information to the local inhabitants, especially during the flood season.
  • - the website developed within the frame of Drava GEO project and as part of the work done on the joint research of the geothermal potential of the cross-border region. The results of the study conducted as part of the project, as well as a cross-border geo-thermal map of the area can both be found on the website.
  • and are links to the portal developed within the project CB Business Marketing and FDI that serves as support for businesses looking to invest in the region. Here, the prospective businesses can find relevant legislation, an investment guide and other useful information.
  • - developed within K2.Net project and attempting to establish closer connections between the entrepreneurs of the border region, the site contains a database of businesses in the project region, as well as information about trade fairs and news from the business world.
  • - developed within Mobile Region project, this site contains a search engine connecting job providers and job seekers from the border region. It also acts as a business incubator for the companies in the agricultural sector.

  • - an innovative webportal that was developed in CBRIS II project contains information on shipping and tourism in the Mohács-Osijek region in three languages. The tourism section provides information on accommodation possibilities, gastronomy, important tourist sights, links to tourism information centres, transport and other useful information. In the shipping section of the site a port authority database, operating ferries on the Danube, list of ports and mooring places, ship rental companies, and water sports and leisure related information is provided. Thanks to the technical background (WLAN network) established by the project, the website is also accessible for boats sailing on the Danube in the area of Mohács and Osijek.
  • - developed within PrE-Mu-Dra project and attempting to establish closer connections between the businesses of the border region, the site contains a database of businesses in the project region with a posibility of expanding it by entrepreneurs themselves.
  • - a bilingual specialised dictionary was developed within the Bilingual Lexicon project containing several thousand words and expressions connected to water management and environmental protection. It can be accessed on this link and used by anyone, anytime.
  • and are online language courses developed within the Work Flow project, to facilitate the cross-border labour market mobility and the development of tighter business relationships within the border area. 
  • - the site developed as part of the PC Forecast project contains all the latest hidro-meteorological data for the whole region as well as forecasts the probability of pest infection, a very useful tool for the local agriculture workers. After registration on the portal, the users can easily access all the provided data and use them for prevention or damage control in case of e.g. hail or other similar natural disasters.



On-going evaluation of the Programme 2007-2013 - Winner of the Prize Announced
08 April 2014

As part of the on-going evaluation of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, a questionnaire survey was conducted in March 2014 in order to assess the visibility of the Programme in the border region.
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5 years from the Kick- off Conference in Čakovec and signature of MoU
01 April 2014

Five years have passed since the Kick- off Conference of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme took place.  After the approval of the Programme by the EC in March 2008, it was the most important milestone of the Hungary-Croatia IPA CBC Programme, happening just at the...
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