Newsletter - European Co-operation Day 2013

European Co-operation Day 2013


Dear Readers,

co-operation has always been at the core of the on-going project of building a united Europe, and it is no wonder therefore that the European Commission decided to dedicate a special day to celebrate the numerous and manifold ways EU Member States co-operate with one another, as well as with their non-EU neighbours.

Continuing from and building on the foundations laid by last year’s first ever European  Co-operation Day, September 2013 saw a new Europe-wide campaign promoting the multitudinous projects realised within the many programmes of co-operation funded by the EU.

This year being special in many ways for the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme, the programme implementing bodies decided to organise a programme-level event which would simultaneously be a celebration of the Accession of Croatia to the European Union, and an occasion to promote the individual successful projects implemented thus far within its three calls for proposals. 

The Accession Conference saw 200 people in Conference Hall Lavoslav Ružička in Vukovar’s Hotel Lav, involved with the Programme in the past 7 years - whether by helping implementing the Programme itself or any of the many projects supported within its frame - coming together to take a look back examining the way the Programme contributed to Croatia’s path to the European Union, as well as a look forward into the future of the Programme under the new financial perspective of the EU.

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Accession Conference as Part of ECD 2013

Celebrating the year of Croatia’s Accession to the European Union, the HUHR (IPA) CBC Programme decided to commemorate this year’s European Co-operation Day by a large-scale programme event. The Accession Conference held on 20 September in Vukovar, Croatia,  was an opportunity to celebrate; a moment to take a look back at what has been achieved over the course of the programme period, and a look forward at what the Croatian European future has in store.

Focus on the Projects

At this late stage of the programming period 2007-2013, the main focus is on what the most visible results and outputs of the Programme are – individual projects and their activities. The Programme works hard on supporting the projects during the implementation, but also on promoting the events they organise and visible outputs they produce.

A Proud Look Back

Croatian Accession to the European Union marked an important turning point in the life-cycle of the Programme, bringing along significant changes and pointing to the future of co-operation between the two participating countries. It was also a moment to look back and glance at what the Programme has accomplished so far working on bringing Croatia closer to its EU neighbour.

An Enthusiastic Look Ahead

Even as the contracting for the newest projects awarded funding under the Third Call for Proposals is under way, there is no time to sit back and relax – the new financial perspective of the European Union is about to start and the new Programme of co-operation between Hungary and Croatia has to be prepared to hit the land walking. 

The Programme and the Media

Since the beginning of the programme period and the first large-scale programme-level event, the Kick-off Conference in Čakovec in April 2009, the Programme has kept a continuous presence in the local, regional and national media.  With the Programme at its peak, it is no wonder that the Accession Conference in Vukovar was featured in an unprecedented number of different media.

New Challenges on the Horizon

With the Vukovar Accession Conference the Programme activities are not finishing: there are new projects recently selected from the reserve list to be implemented, as well as those previously awarded funding under the Third Call for Proposals, mostly large, infrastructural projects within the Tourism Actions, which are speeding up their activities. Second Call projects are soon to be closed, including the largest one in the whole Programme: De-mine HUHR


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