Newsletter - November 2012

Final Call for Proposals 

The breaking news surrounding the HUHR IPA CBC Programme this autumn is the long awaited and recently published results of the Third Call for Proposals. The Third Call has been keeping the programme implementing structures busy for almost a full year, so naturally, the presentation of results of the Call, the supported projects and how they reflect on the future of the Programme will be the main focus of the Newsletter before you, as well. Proudly we can announce that a large number of high quality projects have been selected once again, and this time development projects in tourism got the deserved attention as well. 

The high number of high quality project proposals, and the financial allocations still available in the Programme were the main reason for the decision makers to announce that there will be no further Calls for Proposals, instead, the main focus will be put on the implementation of the presently running and the newly funded projects until the end of the programming period 2007-2013.

As the programming period is approaching its end, so the focus is shifting and our eyes look more and more into the future. What is in store for the next programming period is another subject we would like to present in the Autumn 2012 Newsletter.  You can also find out how the first European Cooperation Day was marked by the Programme, how the implementation of the 1st and 2nd Call projects is progressing and who are the people who will be bringing the Programme across the Finish line, following the changes in the personnel of the Joint Technical Secretariat and the Managing Authority.

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39 Projects Funded under 3rd Call

Latest information announced on the Programme Web site only several days ago is the news many have been eagerly waiting for. Almost a full year has passed between the launch of the Third Call for Proposals and the announcement of the decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) on the funding awarded to proposed projects, but the results are finally here.

Info Days and Partner Search Forum 2011/2012

The success of the Third Call and the high number of high quality development projects, especially in the field of tourism was no coincidence. The preparations for the Third Call started in some ways as early as the programming period and continued through the submission period with the organisation of Information Days workshops, Partner Search Forum and continuous consultations with potential applicants.

Focus on Project Implementation

With the decision of the JMC not to have additional calls for proposals within the present programming period, the focus of the Programme is shifting completely to project implementation. The JTS and the MA will continue to provide support to all the projects funded within the Programme with a special attention paid to visibility and promotion of project outputs and results.

European Cooperation Day 2012

As an initiative of the ETC community and with the coordination of INTERACT, this year the first Europe-wide European Cooperation Day was organised on the week of 21 September. Celebrating the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) through the presentation of different projects realised as part of it is at the heart of this campaign promoting the potential for closer cooperation between the countries of the European Union. 

New Faces of the Programme

2012 saw some changes in the personnel of the Programme, including some new faces and some old ones in new roles. Some well-known faces of the Programme are no longer here, but the well-functioning team is expecting some new reinforcements to help with the final challenges of the programming period. 

Still to come in 2013

As the Programme approaches its final year, so the implementing activities are tailored to the specific new stage of the programming period. With no more calls for proposals planned, the main focus will be on the implementation of the funded projects and the preparation for the following financial perspective and, accordingly, the new programming period. However, the biggest event in 2013 will, without any doubt, be Croatia’s Accession to the EU.


Results of public consultation on border obstacles
25 May 2016

The European Commission has published the result of the public consultation on the border obstacles . The results are available in all official EU languages. 
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TOUR PACK - Project Closing Conference in Alexandrapuszta
18 February 2016

The closing conference of the TOUR PACK project  was held in Alexandrapuszta (Hungary) on 15 February,  with the project partners taking this opportunity to present the results of the project, most prominently the joint trilingual tourism portal ...
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