To mark the second edition of the European Cooperation Day in the year of Croatian Accession, Hungary-Croatia CBC Programme organised the Accession Conference in Vukovar, Croatia, on Friday 20 September 2013. This was the opportunity to celebrate Croatia’s joining the European Union through the presentation of the many ways this cross-border co-operation Programme has helped it on its European path. As the Programme is entering its final phase, it was the time to run up the scores and see how far we have come in the last seven years. 

The event was an occasion to present the many projects realised within the Programme and to summarise the long way from its beginnings and setting up to the fully developed cross-border co-operation/ producing many living and breathing projects and to share the lessons learned, obstacles overcome and successes achieved along the way with all those who took part in its implementation.

All these was shown at the large-scale programme event during the European Co-operation Day campaign and in Vukovar, the town symbolising at the same time Croatia’s independence and its strong ties to its neighbours and Europe being the largest Croatian town on the great European River Danube. 

Participants (200) of the Conference were the Lead Beneficiaries of the financed projects through all three Calls for Proposals, regional/local development actors, those involved in the programme management and other relevant stakeholders. 

ACCESSION CONFERENCE Vukovar 2013, Agenda pdf 

Vukovar, Cro NA presentations 

Vukovar, JTS presentations 

De-mine HUHR, CoPo 

HU-CRO Wine Stories, I3CT 

Cycle in a Network, EUCOMPASS2 


Press release 2, ACCESSION CONFERENCE Vukovar pdf

Priopcenje 2, Pristupna konferencija Vukovar pdf


HRT 4- Zupanijska panorama, Konferencija Vukovar, 20.9.2013 

HRT 4- Zupanijska panorama, Konferencija Vukovar, 20.9.2013 wmv

Vinkovačka TV_Vijesti, 20.9.2013 wmv

Accession Conference Vukovar 2013- video, audio, print press cut 

Accession Conference Vukovar 2013- INTERNET PRESS CUT pdf


Croatia joins European Union- HUHR CBC Newsletter/ 1 July 2013 


Booklet preview / Project examples

HU-HR IPA CBC Projects booklet 2013 pdf

European Cooperation Day 2013